Understanding the Audience as a Consumer

April 5, 2019

When trying to understand the consumer’s media habits, it’s important to think of their lives and understand who they are as a consumer.

In this example, Swiffer WetJet will be used as a case study. Their primary target are young professionals from 21 to 35 years old, that are starting their career and still don’t have much stability in their lives. The secondary target is women from 30 to 45+, usually married or even divorced, that are dealing with their busy lives, trying to take care of their families and the household.

Who buys?

Swiffer® WetJet™’s demographic ranges from 21 to 45 years old and they may be divided into two categories: busy young professionals, from both genders, usually from 21 to 35, that are starting their careers and maybe living alone for the first time; and also women from 30 to 45+, who take care of their families and their household.

What do they buy?

This target audience tends to buy items that could give them a productivity boost. Their hands are pretty full and that need all that help they can get, from mobile apps to products that use technology in their favour.

Where do they buy?

They usually buy in big retailers, such as Walmart and Canadian Tire, taking advantage of each trip to buy several products for their households. They might also might buy online, in trusted online stores, right after they have read some reviews of the product, making sure they are choosing the best option between all available.

When do they buy?

As consumers, they may buy when is most convenient for them. In whatever day and time that better suits their busy routines. When young professionals are starting their new lives, they might buy Swiffer® WetJet™ to be their new ally to clean their new homes, since they have no experience with cleaning. Women in their thirties or forties might also buy it when they are already struggling with kids and work, with little time to deal with their houses.

Why do they buy?

They buy because they need help to save their time within their busy schedules. They need an ally that can help them feel more productive and empowered of the cleaning habits in their household

How do they buy?

They buy with their household income, using the amount of money accommodated for purchases of the month, using Debit and sometimes Google Wallet or Apple Pay.They tend to control that amount, whether they live alone or with their families.

Cristal Bittencourt

Data Analysis and sharing knowledge are my mojo. I'm also addicted to TV shows, books, Twitter, and empowering women. (She/Her)