The importance of media planning software tools

January 28, 2019

User-friendly softwares that provide data about the target are an essential part of the media buying process.

1. comScore

It’s one of the most famous softwares and, although you can’t use it to actually create a media plan, comScore has a lot of features that helps the media planners and buyers to create the perfect strategy and blocking chart.


2. Nielsen

Nielsen IMS is a global division of the Nielsen Company. It is regularly used to create an initial consideration set of media, providing analytical tools that help supporting marketing decisions.

Nielsen Clear Decisions is their software platform that analyzes media and marketing data, enabling media buyers to quickly and easily access data to target markets, channels and groups.


3. Media Ocean

Media Ocean is a company with products specialized in media management solutions, such as:

  • Prisma: Digital media management platform
  • Lumina: Cross-media planning & analytics platform
  • Aura: Time and cost management platform
  • Spectra: Traditional media management platform



Although Microsoft Excel is not necessarily a software created with the intention to help create media plans, researches show that more than 75% of media strategists still use it.

On that note, they end up using other specif softwares to gather information and data about their target, then recurring to Excel when they’re actually creating the blocking charts and flight schedules.

Other softwares


  • eSilentPartner
  • Centro
  • Advantage Software
  • Strata
  • Workamajig
  • Media Tool

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