PC and its focus on Values and Lifestyle

November 15, 2018

When a big brand like President’s Choice, well know by its products good quality and cheap prize, creates a campaign like #EatTogether shifting away from product-focused advertising, we can be sure on what they are trying to focus: values and lifestyle, also know as VALS.

This technique is used for psychographic market segmentation and is an attempt to tackle people’s attitudes, needs and wants. This kind of campaign tends to run a bigger course, and can still be remembered years later.

With this campaign, PC celebrates the importance of friendship and new bonds,  how we should value the little moments and, especially, the power of sharing food.

It’s a clear attempt to get people’s attention by concentrating on what, in the end, we cherish the most: experiences.


Cristal Bittencourt

Data Analysis and sharing knowledge are my mojo. I'm also addicted to TV shows, books, Twitter, and empowering women. (She/Her)