Coca-Cola: This coke is a Fanta

Coca-Cola: This coke is a Fanta

When we try to understand the success of some campaigns, it is important to think about the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and its segments: self-fulfillment, psychological and basic needs.

In 2017, DAVID the agency, from WPP Group, the largest agency group in the world, created This coke is a Fanta, a campaign to subvert discrimination that would go on to win seven Lions at Cannes Lions 2018, including golds in both the Public Relations and Media categories.

The expression “That Coke is a Fanta” is well-known in Brazil and has always been used in the most homophobic ways, although disguised as a joke. When Coca-cola decided to create a limited edition can and actually put Fanta inside the Coke, it totally transformed the expression. The campaign was launched on International LGBT Pride day and immediately took over the whole country: people started to create their own Coke Fantas and even fake merchandising was sold.

It’s easy to understand why This Coke is a Fanta is a campaign that touches not only the psychological needs, as it refers to people’s urgency’s for self-esteem and belongingness, but also to self-fulfillment needs. Social groups as LGBT people need to be recognized and respected, and when Coca-cola launches a campaign like that, it can actually help to spread empathy, one bottle at a time. As a result, with no media investment, This Coke is a Fanta became the biggest and most engaging organic campaign in Brazil in 2017.

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