Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey: The Parting Glass

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey: The Parting Glass

The Tullamore Dew ad, The Parting Glass, was part of a Irish true campaign released in 2013 and although it was a success back then, it may have encounter some blacklash if it was created in 2018.

The creative of the ad embraces the Irish culture, considering both psychological and social forces when it was first imagined, but it fails at the way it addresses not only relationships but also women in general. Sure, it’s an ad targeting men, probably early thirties, and maybe it was a great concept for 2013, but we can’t same the same in 2018.

In recent years we have had big feminist social movements such as “Me Too” and “Build Movements Not Walls” that are putting woman and equal rights in the center of discussion. Ads that treat woman with respect and equality are now being demanded and even companies that had build their brand around sexist and misogynist ads are being forced to change.

So, the question is: in 2018, an ad that portrays marrying a woman as death would have been well received? Probably not.

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