The Triangle of Power in the Media Buying Process

January 18, 2019

In the media buying process, there are three main elements that constitute the Triangle of Power:

In a way, everything starts with the brand advertiser. Without a brand’s need to advertise, there would be no media buying and selling process. When a brand hires an agency with the intent to advertise its products or services, different new processes start. Among them, there is the demand to buy media in different platforms: newspapers, magazines, TV, mobile, out of home, digital, etc.

So the agency has the role to analyze the media objectives, the market profile, the product media profile, the competitor’s profile, the target market profile and the media budget, so that it can propose to the brand the perfect media plan, with the most efficient blocking charts for the brand’s purpose.

The final element of this chain is the seller, which is responsible for actually selling the media. This media sell can occur with months in advance, for TV or magazines, or even in real time, for digital channels, with the agency always chasing the balance between frequency, continuity and reach.



Cristal Bittencourt

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