Neuromarketing and Emotional Appeals

Neuromarketing and Emotional Appeals

In recent years, advertising has been using neuromarketing techniques more and more. But what is neuromarketing? It’s the application of neuroscience to marketing.

Studies have shown that 95% of our mental activity is subconscious, and neuroscience is the branch of science that tries to understand that. By studying the nervous system, neuroscience intends to figure out how we think and move and what makes us who we are as human beings.

When all this information is used in favor of marketing campaigns, then we have neuromarketing helping agencies to understand their target markets to reach for more consumers. This usually leads to ads with emotional appeals, like the following P&G campaign.

P&G is a major brand which includes brands such as  Tide, Duracell, Pampers, Gillete and Bouncy. So, when they are searching for their next big idea they usually tend to go for campaigns with emotional appeals, that could trigger our feelings in different ways, always connecting it with the brand values, touching lives and improving life, as their tagline says.

“Than you mom, for teaching us that falling only makes us stronger.”

What a headline like that has to do with P&G products? But the right question would be: what’s a headline like that has to do with the  P&G consumers? And that’s where neuromarketing can help us.

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