Mc Donald’s and the 5Ps of Marketing

Mc Donald’s and the 5Ps of Marketing

A company like Mc Donald’s always has a lot on its plate, – no pun intended.  Sometimes it’s a new sandwich that they have to have to advertise, a new combo or even a whole new menu, as they did some years ago with the McCafe menu. But one thing is for sure, they always need to approach one P of the 5Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, Promotion, Place and People.

When they had to introduce the new Dollar Menu, they focused on the prize:

When they wanted to compare themselves to Burger King and show the audience how easier it was to find a McDrive, they focused on place:

When they needed to talk to their target about the actual food and show how the sandwiches and fries were mad with fresh ingredients, they focused on the product:

When the Winter Olympics were trending and Mc Donald’s wanted to be a part of it,  they focused on the  promotion:

When they intended to talk about attitudes and the consumer himself, they focused on people:

As a result, we get seventy-eight years of advertising, always with different approaches.

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