Instagram tests new feature: how will it impact users?

August 10, 2021

Instagram has announced that it is testing a new feature called Collab. People will be able to co-author feed posts and reels, and both accounts will appear in the header, as authors, while the post will be shared with the followers of both accounts.

But here comes the tricky part: views, comments, and likes will be shared. So if you liked the post on one account, it also counts for the other one. If you left a comment, it will also be visible on both.

And what does this means to brands and digital marketers?

So far they’re only testing it with a small percentage of all Instagram accounts. But if this Collab new feature sticks, whenever an influencer partners up with a brand, if they have the brand as a collaborator (or vice versa), and you like that post, you will also be liking the brands.

From that moment on, you will become a part of the pool of people who have engaged with the brand, and they will be able to target you as a direct audience. Pretty cool for us paid media people, but not so much for the user experience.

Cristal Bittencourt

Data Analysis and sharing knowledge are my mojo. I'm also addicted to TV shows, books, Twitter, and empowering women. (She/Her)