The importance of understanding the target

The importance of understanding the target

For a campaign to be successful, one of the most important steps is to find and understand the target.  Once you have figured out the right one, the path to the Buying-Decision Process maybe smoother. But if you have a campaign that is going to be seen in many places of the world, what would you do? There is one thing that you surely can disregard: social forces.

When big brands like Coca-cola and Dove think about their target profile around the world, sometimes they need to do adaptations on their campaigns, so that each ad can really relate to the people who live in each country.  This attempt is essential not only to adapt the ad to consumer behavior in each market, but also to readjust the campaign to fit into the social and group forces of every target. After all, what would be the point of having the same ad been transmitted around the world if the audience couldn’t relate to their culture?

Coca-cola: Brother

Dove + Cartoon Network: “I’m Fine

  • United States version

  • France version

All this ads, despite been adapted to the country they would be distributed, they still share the same psychological needs: esteem and belongingness as their core emotional appeal.

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