Brazilian campaign brings attention to drunk driven consequences

April 10, 2019

When advertising an important cause like the consequences of drunk driven, it’s essential to try to reach people with a campaign that is both engaging and efficient.

In this Brazilian ad, the creative concept or the “big idea” behind the campaign is all about the money. If people don’t care about the effects that drink and drive may have in their life or in others, they should at least think of how much it would cost them.

So, in the hopes of helping their costumers understand how they should take Brazil’s zero tolerance policy on drink driven seriously, two famous pubs added the real costs of drunk driven to the costumer’s bills.

The action only had the production cost and it was published on the pub’s social media channels, cutting the clutter immediately. It went viral and, after millions of impressions on Facebooks, the video started to be shared through WhatsApp, proving once more the value of a great idea.


Cristal Bittencourt

Data Analysis and sharing knowledge are my mojo. I'm also addicted to TV shows, books, Twitter, and empowering women. (She/Her)