Armor All’s Benefit Ladder, Sweet Spot and Positioning Statement

February 25, 2019

In the hopes of analyzing and understanding Armor All as a brand, it’s important to think about its benefits ladder, sweet spot and positioning statement.

Benefits Ladder

On the base of Armor All’s benefits lader, the brand’s target is the savvy street hero who likes to keep their car clean.
As for Armor All’s product attributes, they are quick, cheap, hassle-free and practical, especially for touch-ups. On the other hand, their main functional benefits are the fact that they are time saving and convenient, especially the wipes. As for the emotional benefits for the consumers, they may give a sense of accomplishment, helping them feel proud and smart.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot here is Armor All’s opportunity to capture the market with highly efficient
and affordable car cleaning wipes, which can give the consumer the convenience and practicality they seek. Armor All is known to provide effective and affordable car cleaning
products for people who are new in the market and are looking for hassle-free products, which is something that advertisers can take advantage of.

Positioning Statement

To savvy car lovers who run on busy schedules, Armor All is the brand of car cleaning products that delivers not only convenience, but efficiency. The reason for this is that Armor All’s wash and wax wipes are practical, affordable, and can clean the exterior of your car with just one wipe. Not only is Armor All reliable, but it delivers smart and practical ways to protect rubber, plastic, and vinyl from nature. With their wide variety of car care products, Armor All is a brand both multi-purposeful and hassle-free.

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